Fit Girl Army

ELBFITGIRL123 uses three easy steps to simplify fitness


Emma firmly believes that nutrition is the backbone to a good fitness regime and a healthy lifestyle.


Fat Burn

High-intensity bodyweight exercises promote fat burning, helping participants to lose weight in a smarter way.



The final step of ELBFITGIRL123 is sculpting, achieved with bodyweight sculpting exercises in every workout.


Her army of Fit Girls (and the occasional guy too) continues to grow as more people see how FITGIRL123 can help them get the figure they want and become healthier and happier.

Emma works with people of all backgrounds who want to achieve their dream body and fitness levels, no matter where they’re starting from. She aims to build not just your muscles but your confidence and self-belief too.



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About Emma

Emma Louise Burrows is the founder of ELBFITGIRL123, the simple, accessible fitness concept that helps anyone to achieve the body they want. A former gymnast, competitive fitness professional, and celebrity trainer and presenter, she is also a mum who has been on her own personal fitness journey. Her passion for helping others to achieve their goals has led to the opening of her own studio and the creation of her proven fitness system.

Emma’s ultimate goal is to help people realise what they are capable of and push them to reach high. She believes that anyone is capable of meeting their fitness dreams, and they never even have to pick up a weight. ELBFITGIRL123 gives anyone who wants to follow in Emma’s footsteps the straightforward tools they need to do that.

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